Tripod stands get their name because when set up, the banner stand frame looks like the letter X. This style of stand is extremely lightweight and simple with a reputation for being the best option for customers looking for cheap banner stands. Since they are so inexpensive, they are a great option for large promotions where stands and banners need to be presented in many locations at the same time. Product launches in showrooms or retail store displays are among the popular uses for X banner stands.Tripod is a professional manufacturer of high quality poster stand, produce hundreds of thousands of stand products every month, from poster stands, banner stands, X displays, etc. Each of our products are carefully manufactured and tested every day. T-Sign keeps bringing best quality to customers all over the world! Do not hesitate to order from us, as you will have the least to worry about our product qualities, we only choose durable and strong materials to produce our products for maximized wear and tear on any occasions.

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