Spidernet signboard
A special way to do the signboard with giant size banner tie with the thick metal frame like a zig zag shape. With this type of signboard is very effective for a giant size signboard.

UV print on Tarpaulin
Outdoor use
Weather proof

Metal Structure + Aluminium Angle
Aluminum Angle is a product which has two legs to form a 90 degree angle. This product is designed to be used in both structural applications and general fabrication. Its range of applications are wide and can include trailer manufacturing, safety cages, walkways, farming equipment, and anywhere where it is important to improve the structure’s rigidity.

For our metal structure is use to make a signboard with our best and professional installation work. These advanced qualityproducts are known for their high visibility and long functionality. These are available in varieties of sizes and designs and are in build with superior LED. We assure highly advanced and reliable products which are nominal in price and are high in demand.
Attractive design
High quality
Various sizes

Lightbox is the most client choices because of lower cost and high effectively. Lightbox can easily saw at night and can have various design on 2D surface, it have much last long time and also easy to maintenance with our printing service by using UV Polycarbonate sheet as surface with LED tube inside, aluminium coil wrapping all side. This is suitable for outdoor signage for night businesses.
Order processing day: 
7 - 10 Working Days (Supply)
10 - 14 Working Days (Install)

**Excluded Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday**
Cut-Off Time:
Orders placed after 5pm will be processed on the NEXT working day (Monday - Friday).

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Lightbox Signboard
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