Printed advertising has always been the no.1 go-to method for 76% of business owners and advertisers alike. As a method that is highly effective, direct, and extremely cost-effective, printed advertisements are a reliable advertising method even in the digital era — and this includes promotion counter advertising. Promotion counters are a particularly useful printed advertising method as they can be displayed in various locations, while their unique properties serve as the perfect technique for attracting new customers and keeping the company name and brand awareness alive.

What’s more, getting customized promotion counter printed and installed does not only add exceptional value to special events, but it is also an impressive way to invite people to your events and have them remember it via the lasting effects of a promotion counter. Its inexpensiveness — coupled with the fact that hundreds and thousands of passers-by will be able to view your promotion counter daily — makes it a highly desirable form of advertising. However, there is more to promotion counter printing and installation than merely having it set up at a chosen venue and time. It requires effective planning, the right equipment as well as local advertisement permit to get the job done the right way.

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