business card, Offset printing

For the fanciest business card printing around, we created our premium business cards, and they’re pretty amazing (even if we do say so ourselves). They’re the perfect thing to make potential clients go ‘Ooh!’ because we haven’t spared any expense! Personalised business cards with a professional look.

• High-quality, durable card stock

• Choosing your finish:
Spot UV: A glossy, raised coating that makes text and visuals pop.

• Choosing your corners:
Standard: The traditional look, with clean 90-degree corners.
Rounded: Rounded corners create a memorable, modern look.


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310gsm Art Card
260gsm Art Card
310gsm Art Card
Matte Lamination (1 Sided)Gloss Lamination (2 Sided)Gloss Lamination (1 Sided)
Matte Lamination (2 Sided)
Matte Lamination (1 Sided)
Gloss Lamination (2 Sided)
Gloss Lamination (1 Sided)
Spot UV (1 Sided)Spot UV (2 Sided)
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Spot UV (1 Sided)
Spot UV (2 Sided)
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Round Corner 01
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Round Corner 04
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