Corporate Folder

Why Corporate Folder Printing is Important for Business Presentation? Corporate Folder helps you to organize your documents needly. If your files and documents are not arranged well, you will not find that sync in work. Sorting is one of the crucial parts of working well.

If you have to send in some documents or files or some other small gift etc to some client, then one smart way to pack and send is the corporate folder of your office. Our printing service can help you print on your company corporate folder containing the office logo would create a smart style and would show off your rich taste and class.

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350mm x 510mm (IPFPF 002)360mm x 510mm (IPFPF 003)371mm x 534mm (IPFPF 004)410mm x 614mm (IPFPF 005)420mm x 650mm (IPFPF 006)420mm x 650mm (IPFPF 007)288mm x 369mm (IPFPF 008)
310gsm Art Card350gsm Art Card
260gsm Art Card
310gsm Art Card
350gsm Art Card
Matte Lamination (1 Sided)Matte Lamination (2 Sided)Gloss Lamination (1 Sided)Gloss Lamination (2 Sided)
Waterbase (2 Sided)
Matte Lamination (1 Sided)
Matte Lamination (2 Sided)
Gloss Lamination (1 Sided)
Gloss Lamination (2 Sided)
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