Bunting, Large Format Printing

Bunting printing is an excellent marketing tools to market your product and you can move your ads around to wherever is convenient. For outdoor bunting is call "Street bunting" or "Lamp post bunting" which is meant to install at high advertisement exposure locations such as high traffic congestion area and in front of traffic light.

All buntings are vertial look and has size constraint with lesser information compare to banner. Our buntings are printed on Tarpaulin with finishing wood & wire, PVC Pipe or eyelets.

Get noticed inside or out with durable, lightweight buntings.
• Durable vinyl material, for indoor or outdoor use
• Difference sizes available
• Sharp, full-color printing
• Hang easily with optional (and recommended) eyelets

The Prices are excluded of 10% SST

Price Calculator

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380gsm Tarpaulin440 gsm TarpaulinBlockout Tarpaulin
300gsm Tarpaulin
380gsm Tarpaulin
440 gsm Tarpaulin
Blockout Tarpaulin
Up & Down 2 Eyelets No RopeUp & Down 2 Eyelets With RopeUp & Down WoodstickUp & Down Woodstick + Wire
Up & Down PVC Pipe
Up & Down 2 Eyelets No Rope
Up & Down 2 Eyelets With Rope
Up & Down Woodstick
Up & Down Woodstick + Wire
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